Bistrita Municipality Shelter
August 2008

Bistrita Municipality Shelter Bistrita Municipality Shelter

The issues existing in the shelter run by the City Hall Bistrita are the ones known: total lack of care and respect for animals, the lack of a medical assistance contract with a veterinary doctor and a veterinary technician.

There is no contract with a veterinarian, almost all cubs die of parvovirosis, and the adults have other conditions which they catch right in the shelter (the shelter is in the yard of a medical veterinary department “?!) or in winter, due to the cold. There is no medical-veterinary operation permit.

Although it is the City Hall shelter, the Animaterra Association has strived to try to change, as far as possible, the situation of the shelter; building cages, it has brought wooden pallets, has covered the exterior walls in foil, has brought textiles, cardboard, newspapers so that the animals won’t sit/lie on the bare and cold cement, on frozen urine, it has brought pots for the food, plastic buckets for water, cleaning products, etc.

The City Hall employees are not doing their job, when the few persons from the association go there they get contemptuous looks and they expect the association to do their job.

All these are known at the City Hall and by the competent authorities, and although Animaterra has filed numerous complaints, nothing has changed.

The dogs are crowded in small boxes, they are stressed, not cared about, stiffened by the lack of exercise, hungry; beside the fact that the shelter is overcrowded, other dogs are caught all the time and brought to the shelter, and packed over the existing ones.

Although the people involved in animal protection have their own working places, which doesn’t allow them to be always present in the shelter (accepted only during working hours), still , each 2 – 3 days a person goes to the shelter, doing everything that the shelter employees should do.

Excerpt from the complaint of Animaterra to the Medical Veterinary Board / 2009

“Why must we treat dogs like killers – behind bars, no water, 3-4 heads in 1 square meter???”

“They are considering us “persona non grata” because we are going there to see the dogs all the time and thus see everything what is going on. They threaten us that they will not allow us to see the dogs any more, that we shall be banned from the shelter!!! We mustn’t see that they are sleeping at the taxpayers’ expense, during their working hours, that they give to 5 dogs a bucket of ca.3 kg granules every day, that if they have ice in their buckets they do not need water!”

“If water is not running, the dogs get no water, it’s too difficult to get water from across the road, it’s more pleasant to sleep in the warm room, lying in bed;”