Brasov: tens thousands of dogs killed in Brasov in the last years

Autor: Paula Ciotlos - Adevarul, March 24, 2009

26,000 dogs were killed in Brasov in the last 7 years. The animal protection organizations accuse the authorities, the city hall hits back

Lately, the city council in Brasov has been accused of illegally killing stray dogs, through the Animal Administration Service. In addition to disobeying the law, the municipality also used public funds. Although the municipality officials seem to ignore the laws of our country, they also resort to an old article: Act 1/Law 9/2008:

“The Administration of stray dog population on the Romanian territory is to be regulated by special law”. The only special law still in force is law 227/2002.

Flaviu Barbulescu, chief of Animal Administration Service, Brasov declares:

“This law stipulates that all stray dogs be euthanized if not claimed during the legal period of fourteen days”.

Hundreds of “euthanized”

Cristina Lapis, president of the Animal Protection Organization “Millions of Friends” states that the situation is extremely serious and that at Stupini, at least 150 stray dogs are killed weekly. She further adds: “Our organization takes from the shelter approximately ten dogs per month to be given for adoption in Germany . The number is extremely small compared to the monthly crimes that take place at Stupini”.

Dog Genocide

At a conference on veterinary problems in Munchen, Flaviu Barbulescu stated that during his seven years of activity, he killed more than 26.000 stray dogs. Barbulescu admits:

“In my first six months of activity I captured and then euthanized over 5000 dogs.

There were too many on the streets of Brasov back then and as a consequence something needed to be done”. His statement aroused a lot of protesting. Cristina Lapis adds:

“His declaration horrified everybody present. All the countries in the world try to save animals not kill them”.

Over 1 million lei budget

Despite the fact that the budget allocated for the service is 1.200.000 lei/ per year, the president of the Animal Protection Association stated that they provided the service with lethal injections. She added: “I help with the lethal injections because otherwise dogs would die in terrible pain. At least they are spared the useless suffering. I also brought food for the first two months of this year because the municipality budget had not been established yet and they did not have money to feed the dogs. They would have let them starve”.

Law 227/2002

The citizens in Brasov reacted promptly after reading the article in “Adevarul de Seara”(The Evening Truth). Codrut Alin Feher is one of the most enraged readers and has fought the Animal Administration Service for months, trying to stop the dog killing.

Brasov: Killing of dogs with or without owner is illegal
March 29, 2009, by Paula Ciotlos

ANSV (The National Sanitary Veterinary Authority) explanations

The man sent a letter to ANSV in which he asked for a clear and thorough answer to the question: “Is it still allowed to kill stray dogs or not?” The answer came promptly:

“By law 9/2008, act 7.1 (...) it is interdicted to euthanize stray dogs, cats or other animals, excepting the incurably diseased, only after a veterinary examination”.

Ambiguous Legislation

Chief of the Sanitary Veterinary Authority (DSV), in Brasov, Doru Enache declared:

“I do not wish to comment upon people’s personal correspondence. I can only tell you that the law is conceived badly. It is incoherent and it does not say anything clear. It has all sorts of references, gaps and ambiguities. I assure you that if anything illegal took place concerning stray dogs in Brasov , I would take drastic measures”.

He also added that the parliamentarians would be contacted soon in order to change the law and eliminate ambiguities.

Contradictions upon the law

The declaration of the DSV representative did not satisfy our citizen in Brasov, who possesses the act by which the supreme authority dealing with the administration of all dogs and cats in Romania, stray or owned, specifies clearly that it is by law interdicted to to kill stray dogs. Codrut Feher declared:

“To administrate is not to kill. In addition to this “to administrate” means to provide for a decent life, to take care, not to kill. The name of this service itself does not permit or entitle them to kill”.

The citizen in Brasov is determined to go further and he will file a complaint against DSV. Then he intends to address the ANSV.