BUCURESTI - The Horses of UMV

The horses intended for other branches of instruction are better looked after, at sight and live in acceptable conditions. In opposition to them is the grim situation of horses kept for slaughter to provide didactic material for teaching anatomy. These horses come from gendarmerie, firefighters (condemned as ‘defective’), or abandoned animals. They are killed by slitting the jugular vein, ex-sanguination, without previous stunning or anesthesia; a restricted group of students deals with this procedure.

The faculty receives important amounts of money to feed the animals, though the time between horses’ arrival and slaughter varies, from days to weeks or months. All this time the animals are kept in misery, tied to a fix point, or in small boxes, never get out for a walk, without bedding, in permanent misery, with insufficient food and water.

The general opinion, from caretaker to some students or professors, is that, since they are meant to die, they only need to survive, until they will be necessary at labs.

This situation is known not only to managers but to some professors as well, though, from different reasons (ignorance, fear, indolence) nobody takes stand, neither the students. An atmosphere of fear, intimidation, suspicion reigns among those who know, but in the most of cases, people don’t care.

A terrible case was that of 2 horses, mare and male, that had been together in a firefight unit. The male was killed under mare’s eyes. The blood that splashed the walls can be seen in photos.

It is not known how many of the horses intended for anatomy are sick, or if they are sick, but it’s considered they have lost the utility; they are not young, or are sick with minor diseases that cannot legally justify their slaughter.