SHOCKING IMAGES: A cat killed in a block by teenagers
September 20, 2007

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Some teeanagers atrociously killed a cat, in a block and, very proud of their atrocity, they uploaded the images on the internet

Buzau - March 13th, 2007- Hundreds of dogs found dead at Buzau landfill


Hundreds of dead dogs and piles of syringes and analgesic bottles were found near the landfill of Buzau. 2 fishermen discovered the dead animals. The landfill watchmen were inconvenienced with the findings.

The carcasses were dumped in a shaft used over the last 3 years as septic pit. Yet, since 1 January 2007, animal carcasses cannot be disposed in septic pits, but burnt.
Moreover, there are hints that the animals were killed on the spot, before being thrown into the pit. The disposal of carcases could transform the place in a potential infectious area.
The sanitary inspection, the environment guard and police are investigating how the dogs died and why they got there.

Source: Realitatea TV

Poisoned dogs