Thursday 9th and Friday, 10th of April – organized criminal acts

Friday, April the 10th, our representatives got phone calls in morning that in the villages near Giurgiu more jeeps were seen running in the fields, from which the dogs were shot with fire guns. You might think of the actions of hunting dogs that are found on hunting fields?

Well, the dogs seen in photos were dogs raised by people, sheepfold dogs.

A child that had driven his sheep to pasture got home crying, frightened, that some of his dogs were shot dead.

A shepherd said that a man riding a car asked him to choose which one of his 5 dogs he wanted to keep, since only one would be spared. The shepherd replied he couldn’t choose between his dogs, he had raised the dogs as if they were his own children. To force him choosing among dogs, the mad people aimed the gun at his sheep.

A woman said she was driving her horse drawn cart, together with her 2 devoted dogs, accompanying her everywhere. Her husband being sick, she was going out alone to work into the fields, with her dogs.

6-7 cars turned up out of the blue, the men riding in the cars asked if the dogs belonged to her; the woman said: yes, and asked them to not hurt the dogs, but they opened the fire on animals. One of the dogs was shot dead, the other one escaped with an injured paw, and got home.

The woman was frightened, she said she couldn’t sleep that night.

The actions, organized, were illegal, the gun shots were fired from cars; the dogs killed were not wild dogs, but people’s dogs. The hunters also put in danger the life and safety of both villagers and their animals.

Killing the animals that guard people and their households also favour the circumstances of committing crimes (robbery), being known that towards the Easter the cases of robbery from sheepfolds become more frequent.

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