Dog fights on Carloman hill – Neamt county
April 7th, 2009

Blood stained pieces of fur are all over the place. The rotweiller is only six months old but it tore the throat of a twelve year old Romanian shepherd, pulling backwards in the attempt of killing its victim. The shepherd tries hard to fight for its life but it seems that it hasn’t got a chance.

The scene continues for about a quarter of an hour; meanwhile everything is filmed using the camera of a mobile phone. The men are listening to a B.U.G MAFIA tune, enjoying the whole show.

The fight takes place in an improvised fold, at a sheepfold on Carloman hill, in Piatra Neamt.

When the shepherd is about to be terminated, the owner of the rotweiller gives a short command, the beast stops and leaves its victim.

The shepherd’s owner is filmed; he proudly presents his dog, turned to shreds, one eye lost in the fight, with open wounds all over its body.

Eighteen year old student Andrei D., from the village Alexandru cel Bun, in Piatra Neamt , is the one who engaged his dog, a rotweiller in a fight with a friend’s Romanian shepherd, one month ago. The dog fight took place in an improvised fold, near the city.

The stake of the fight was the sum of four hundred lei. Six months old Jack, the rotweiller was especially trained to fight and kill. Andrei admits that he is in the dog fighting business and says that, in other areas, the stakes are much higher, rising to one thousand euros per fight. He also declared that the more the viewers who bid, the bigger the profit. According to the same source, the young man knows that by organizing dog fights he breaks the law. This is the reason he refused to give any details about the dog fights he organized.

The moment we informed Andrei that we were in possession of images and movies of his canine massacre, he changed his attitude radically, denying everything although the proof incriminated him.

He declared that he was given the dog, for free, by colleagues at a former working place. Furthermore, he stated he gave the dog away because his parents did not allow keeping a dangerous dog around the house and refused to give any details about the identity of the receiver or the dog fights.

He also claimed that the dog fight was an accident and that he had nothing to do with organizing dog fights. He merely bragged about the incident, showing off in front of his friends, when chatting on the internet.

The police in Neamt carried on an investigation on this case in order to establish whether the young man in question is guilty of this crime.

Catalina Budeanu, public relations speaker of the police in Neamt declared that it is by law interdicted to organize dog fights, to train dogs with the purpose of fighting or to participate with contenders in dog fights. The sanctions are: prison from six months to three years or ten thousands to twenty thousands lei fine.

Apart from the correction the young man might get, there are a lot of questions left unanswered.

How far can anybody go, to reach the point of extreme cruelty and then brag about it in front of friends? How could anyone take pleasure in seeing a poor animal suffer or die and more than this, capture the whole massacre, sharing it with friends? Is this young man capable of compassion towards any living soul, maybe, at times, a human being in distress? How can you claim that you made a mistake when you deliberately organized the death fight and enjoyed all of it?

Horse beaten to death
December 18th 2008

Source: Realitatea

Tolici - Petricani, Neamt county
The horse from these images was head beaten till he died, because he could not pull the cart uphill.

Mistreated and killed horse Mistreated and killed horse