ONESTI (Bacau county)


Criminal investigations to be revised in case of Onesti dogpound
21 Feb, 2009 by George Martin

Onesti prosecutors lost the trial with Mirela Teirau who filled a criminal complaint regarding the horrors at the municipality dogpound, and the investigations will be reviewed. Prosecutors decided the city hall Onesti representatives will not face criminal prosecution, but Mirela Teirau filled complaint against the Prosecutors’ Office resolution, and won the case in Onesti Court. The dossier was sent back to the Police and Prosecutors’ Office Onesti for the investigations to be completed. “They had 10 days to appeal, the term was exceeded and I got no information about any action appeal, which means the investigations will be resumed, said Mirela Teirau. A similar situation has the complaint filled by the chief commissioner of police Ioan Bouaru, who denounced the representatives of Onesti city hall for dogs maltreatment and serious breach of legislation of animal protection. On the other side, Ioan Paris, director of department in Onesti city hall to which the dogpound is subordinated, declared that both complaints have no object any longer, since measures were taken and the dogpound operates now in accordance with legislation and is going to receive sanitary veterinarian authorization. “The facts remain, but, if the impounded dogs are treated according to the law, I consider withdrawing the complaint”, said Mirela Teirau. “If they continue to break the law, then they should expect more complaints and criminal files”.

The city hall Onesti kills dogs in the market
March 27, 2009 by Carmen Stan

They were killed for two lei

At the weekly market, in Onesti, in an excavated pit, five stray dog corpses were found, stuffed in plastic bags. Two of them had their noses cut. This not the first case of animal abuse in Onesti and it is not the first time that the local authorities hid everything. The pit was not well-covered and the bodies could be easily found, digging with bare hands.

Members of the Association ”Pas in doi” (Walk Together) discovered the bodies. Oana Plesu, a member of the association stated: “We had information that animals in the shelter were being killed. Therefore we stayed on a watch behind the fence for a few days and we saw the workers take the dogs and bring them to the market. We had and we still have lawsuits with the municipal authorities”.

Though the market belongs to public property, interventions of the Environmental Guard and the Police were necessary. George Muscalu, the Environmental Guard commissioner in Onesti declared. “We have to dig and see whether there are more corpses here. It is against the law to abandon dead animals, the corpses should have been brought to Protan and burnt. It is a major risk of infection.”

The animals were put in plastic bags, similar to those containing dog food. Dogs with eartags, belonging to the dogpound were also found buried at the market pit. The manager of the institution seemed extremely puzzled about the presence of dead animals at the market pit. He claims he does not know anything concerning the matter.

The animals presented wounds caused by shooting and their noses had been cut.

Gheorghe Vranceanu, manager of the Association of Hunters, in Bacau ( AJVP, Bacau ) declares: “According to the law 407/2006, stray dogs and cats found in the hunting area can be hunted without restriction. Our association makes deductions on the basis of signs-the nose, with two bullets per each hunted animal, provided that the hunter is registered and has hunting authorization.”

There were serious precedents in Onesti.

The manager and employees of the former zoo park in Onesti were also accused of inhumane treatment of dogs or other animals.

The manager of the dogcatcher service was filmed with a hidden camera, in October 2008, when trying to sell the skin of a dead jaguar and an ostrich egg. Chief of police, in Onesti, Ioan Bouaru filed a complaint against the same manager by the criminal charge of “capturing, transporting and sheltering dogs, breaking the law 9/11.01.2008 , regarding animal protection.” The policeman reported that many dogs died suffocated or their ribs and spinal column were broken during transport, due to improper conditions. The fact is also confirmed by Daniel Spanu, the municipal secretary in Onesti: “ At present we have three hundred stray dogs, the expenses are considerable and we have insufficient funds. It is impossible for us to follow E.U regulations. We want to enlarge the dog shelter but we do not know what happened to the animals.”

The investigation at the market in Onesti continues in order to establish whether other bodies were buried in the area.

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No one guilty of the dog massacre in Onesti
Ziarul de Bacau, Friday, April 3rd 2009, George Martin

Onesti city hall internal committee set up to investigate the case of dead dogs buried at the weekly market ended with the conclusion that no one is guilty for the death of the street dogs. Committee president, Ioan Paris, director within the city hall, said that no employee of the dogpound is guilty of dogs’ death and burial. “Our employees observed the legal procedures, they did not kill the dogs; as regards the impounded dogs, those that died from disease or old age were not buried but deposited in freezers to dispatch to Protan. These conclusions were confirmed by the necropsy performed by DSV on the bodies, showing that no dog was shot, mistreated and killed’. Dog lovers were dismayed with the conclusions the authorities reached, and are convinced they try to cover up the horrors that took place at Onesti dog pound. The volunteers of the associations for animal protection say that the bodies, the mutilation, the pit are real, were filmed and photographed with cameras, as well as the dogs whose noses were cut. Moreover, some of the dogs were eartagged, proof that the dogs belonged to the dogpound, and the bodies were found in sacks on which was stitched the tag of the company that supplies dog food to dogpound.

Director Paris explains the presence of identification tags, that some of the dogs escaped the dogpound some days before. Dog lovers filled a criminal complaint for animal cruelty with Onesti police, and sent an open letter to Onesti authorities. They complained that the authorities refused to place the necropsy results at their disposal, and that the contra-expertise they requested became impossible, since all bodies collected by DSV were sent to Protan and burned.

Onesti Municipality Shelter
November 2008

Onesti Municipality Shelter Onesti Municipality Shelter Onesti Municipality Shelter

Mutiled dogs and buried
March 2009