PLOIESTI (Prahova county)

Street dogs died apparently of poison
March 16th, 2009

Malu Rosu area residents discovered the bodies of 5 street dogs. Most likely the dogs were poisoned by unknown authors. Dog lovers got panicked to find the dead dogs nearby the garbage platform. So far we found 3 adults and 2 puppies that died last night. They might be more if poison was used. They had foam around their muzzles area. Poor dogs, they died in horrible pain, says Mioara Badicu, representative of an animal welfare organization. 2 of them wore the signs of Austrian foundation Vier Pfoten, that spayed over 600 dogs in Ploiesti last month. “It’s saddening what happens to these dogs. We sterilize, vaccine and release them in their territory, and others kill them with cold blood. Unfortunately Ploiesti was not an exception, said Anca Tomescu, project coordinator of Vier Pfoten. According to authorities, abt 3,000 street dogs live on Ploiesti streets.